Psychic & Spiritual Tarot Readings

Psychic Reading

Ever wonder what the future holds for you? Needing an insight into where your present life experiences are directing you? Then maybe a psychic reading is the answer.

Clairvoyance or clear seeing through Tarot or an aura reading can help you avoid unnecessary drama. Forewarned is forearmed. To put yourself in a position of choice is arming yourself with information that could make your choices easier.

There are possible and probable futures depending on the life you are experiencing now. To create the probable future is in your own hands, your destiny is being written in the NOW. So if you need guidance and a helping hand to make sure your destiny is filled with positive experiences then call and make an appointment on 03 9799 2247


Spiritual or Mediumistic Readings

Ever wondered if our essence continues on beyond the moment of death?

What is a medium?

A person who is supersensitive to vibrational differences and can bridge the space between the spirit world and the physical world connecting loved ones is a medium.

The three senses used by a medium are;

Clairvoyance - clear seeing
Clairaudience - clear hearing
Clairsentience - clear feeling

Each medium maybe sensitive to one or all three of these senses.

At death the physical body returns to mother earth while the essence of our spirit moves on to another plane of existence. As a Spiritualist Minister, my goal is to supply proof of survival beyond physical death, bringing comfort and hope to those left behind.


 To book 1 hour appointment and discuss cost contact me on 9799 2247