Meditation and Personal Development Classes

How can meditation help you?

Each of us has a purpose in life and meditation is the KEY to unlocking the divine plan we were born with that enables us to heal our separated ego and evolve into our wholeness of light and love.

Through meditation we quiet the chit chat of the brain, centre ourself in stillness and listen to the internal dialogue of the higher intuitive voice of reason.

By using guided journey meditation, we draw from within the answers that help solve the dramas of our life. YOUR answers from YOUR truth are designed to realign you with YOUR unique life.

Esoteric language (or right brain thinking) is an expression of the spirit nature of our personality (ego). To some it is a foreign language that needs interpreting, having never been taught its understanding. It is a language of pictures, metaphors, songs, colours and analogy. It is a language designed to allow our spirit to connect to and guide our human actions on our journey, creating an environment free of judgement enabling a peaceful existence.

To know oneself is to be interconnected to all life.

Remember ‘to be or not to be’, the words gifted to us from Shakespeare, is the voice or choice of the individual, the matured soul who has wandered through many lifetimes, gathering knowledge of his soul’s purpose, is now ready to integrate that knowledge, choosing ‘to be’, becoming the sage/wiseman. To evolve to the higher archetype of Warrior/Teacher/Counsellor/Priest – The Fisher King – to walk your talk.

Meditation allows us to heal the past wounds and step forward to create a positive future.

10 Week Courses Evening (ongoing)

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 8pm – 10pm
3/46 Beckington Crescent, Hampton Park
Contact me on 9799 2247 for further information and cost