Guided Meditation CD

I have recorded two of my popular guided meditations on one CD

Lighthouse Meditation

Designed to get to the foundation of the emotional blockage. This meditation guides you through the higher levels of understanding yourself by:

  • Identifying the problem
  • Identifying the source of the problem
  • Identifying the healing of the problem


Universal Studio Meditation

All of life’s problems are answered in the movies. Using archetypal consciousness and imprinted impressions from your subconscious, you determine the basis of the emotional blocked pattern.

  1. The Past : The Imprinted Family Pattern
  2. The Present : Where it is causing imbalance in your life
  3. The Future : By healing the present dilemma how do you change the future outcome

Journey with me now, along the path of self healing. To purchase, click here print and complete the order form.
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A Pocket Full of Rainbows Spiritual Centre
3/46 Beckington Cres., Hampton Park
Victoria 3976

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