Marriage Celebrant

There is a cosmic link running through all of us that connects us to our soul mates in this life. We call this friendship. People of like mindedness that we can share our life experiences and personality with.

Attracting our right soul mate friendship circle is the start of raising our vibration and surrounding ourself with reflection of our spirit. This allows us to attract the right life partner, the icing to our already enjoyable cake. Your life partner and you create the structure of magic, the blending of two people with compatible differences. This is what makes a soul mate friendship into a life long partner – a marriage

A friend A lover A partner

As a Spiritualist Minister I have created a marriage ceremony honouring all aspect of the ‘us’. A spiritual ritual designed to create the blueprint for your love to grow. From the foundation of this ceremony you call forth witnesses, both seen and unseen, to share in your moment of commitment to each other and in your radiance of love and happiness.

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