Personal Development Counselling & Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual & Personal Development Counselling

Attracting the same life experiences over and over again, stuck in a rut, feeling you are caught in Groundhog Day?


The Grail Consciousness teaches us “that you and the land are one”, meaning every experience you are having is a reflection of you. Your physical reality is reflective of your emotional imbalances.

We are born into a soul life pattern imprinted onto the spirit of who we are. We are given a name, culture, religion, and political belief from our parents, so to begin our life we see it through the eyes of our parent’s experiences. Some good, some bad.

As life continues, we attract the same experiences of our parents, reliving their life. At some point we become aware that the life we are living is not our own and we are destined to become our parents, feeling the loss of our individuality.

To make different choices firstly you must know yourself. Through guided meditation, I help awaken your potential self archetypes, giving you a greater understanding to your own life purpose.

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