Chiron Practitioner & Spiritual Healing

Chiron Energetic Healing

What is Chiron Healing?

The Master teacher Chiron is known as the leader of the centaurs, half man half horse. He taught the arts of Healing, Philosophy, Astrology, the mystical knowledges, natural therapies using Mother Nature’s remedies and man’s ingenuity and strategies of war.

Chiron healing is subtle body healing of the etheric lines of our soul patterns. Through life’s challenges and stress, our subtle body patterns take quite a beating. By realigning our energy grids, we enable ourself to control challenging choices about the drama lessons of our life.

The present dilemmas are reflections of our unbalanced self knowledge. Today’s dramas are merely reflection of yesteryear’s unresolved lessons.

Chiron healing therapy is a relaxing, gentle subtle body adjustment that allows energy to flow naturally. This helps us to cope with day to day responsibility, holding our emotional pattern stronger and clearing energy blockages that weaken and break our energy lines causing ill health and physical distress.


Spiritual Healing

All of life is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies, much like a radio that offers different stations to listen to.

Becoming a channel for spirit healers to work through them, a spiritual healer merely tunes into a higher frequency, accessing spiritual healing energy and channelling it to the client, restoring balance of life energy within their life force and ease of pain be it emotional, mental or physical.

The key to spiritual healing is open heartedness and a giving nature. Spiritual healing has been offered by Spiritualists throughout time.

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