Inner Child

Fairytale drama to heal the Inner Child                          

Inner Child


Stories from our childhood evoke subtle responses in our emotional pattern.  We are born with our lessons to learn and heal to evolve.  When drama appears in our life we have a conscious reaction but also a subconscious response.

Stories told around the fire was man’s earliest teaching tool of morals, right and wrong actions of consequences, and to teach of the positive and negative forces that surround the soul on his journey.  Next came the written word of these mythilogical, archetypal characters and leading to today the movie visual representation of the stories of the collective consciousness fight against good and evil.

From childhood we are taught the right choices to be made for our ‘happy ever after’ ending.  On the otherhand we are also taught the negative outcome of illusion and pretense that create the tangled web of deception.

If you have not reached your happy outcome then this indicates that you are still trapped in illusion and need to continue to investigate and realign your actions with perceived truth until such time as you have achieved your goal and have evolved beyond the karma drama returning to wholeness and your light of truth.

Hold the drama pattern in your mind with the intent of the Higher Self indicating the moralistic fairy tale that is applicable to this drama.

Take yourself into your mystical magical forest and follow the path that will lead you to a clearing.  Here you will discover a fallen tree trunk that you sit upon and absorb mother nature’s healing power.  Soon characters from a story, television show, or movie will enter the clearing and begin to act out a particular scene or part of the story line.

One of the characters storms off refusing to play his or her part.  Coming to sit beside you the character explains what the angst is.  It is this attitude that is stopping the story line from reaching its ending. The drama in your life is caused by this emotional archetypal angst.

What action can be taken that will allow the character to return to the part they are needing to play out?  How can it be made more palatable? Thus begins the conscious healing journey.  We all have to play our parts to gain greater understanding but as we become self aware we can make our actions more acceptable or comfortable to live with.  Sometimes we have to go through a particular emotional learning but the choice is yours to do it the hard way or to find ease in this lesson.

The journey is one of mystic and magic and is yours to take as the journeyman.  May you discover many of your aspects of the ‘ínner child’ along the way to love and nurture back to alignment with your source of being.

As always I wish you love and light.



Grail Consciousness

Grail Consciousness “You and the Land are One”
As Spirit is the creative force that uses the physical dimension to reflect itself, it stands to reason that the human aspect of self is connected to Mother Earth and all that is part of this physical reality. As you think, feel and believe so it is reflected in the world around you for you and the world are one.
This is why it is very important to project your truth out into the world so that your reality is filled with reflections of you and your light of being. If you think happy thoughts then positive happy energy will surround you. If you are feeling sad, lonely, miserable then your world will reflect these negative energies. Remember The Law of Attraction – that like attracts like.
As a collective we contribute to the attitudes and choices made around us. The more we focus on light and love the more healing energy is woven through time and space. Heal yourself and you heal the world.
Karma is the record of our misalignment with our source of being. Through lifetimes we travel healing the past thoughts, words and deeds. As we become more self-aware and enlightened, we begin to realize that the world around us is reflecting the path we must take to heal, to confront our shadow psyche and choose to walk in the light.
Our body is our indicator using our 5 senses – touch, taste, hearing, smell, and sight. It allows us to survive but to evolve we must also be aware of our 6th sense, our intuitive sense. This sense connects us to our spirit of truth, in other words our voice of conscience. When we listen to our intuitive voice we follow the path of destiny leading us back to wholeness.
The Grail Consciousness teaches us personal responsibility and that when we give up, lose hope and surrender to despair then the world around us unravels, sinking to a lower frequency of disease.
Just as the story of King Arthur of Camelot teaches us, that when we become disheartened by others’ betrayal, the world of Camelot falls to wreck and ruin. Camelot being the metaphor of structure built on a foundation stone of love, peace and harmony. By healing his broken heart by reconnecting to the truth that we are co-creators in our story of life. What could he have done differently to have stopped the affair of Guinevere and Lancelot….perhaps stayed at Camelot once peace had been restored, perhaps taking responsibility for the welfare and love of his wife instead of placing Lancelot as her guardian, perhaps he could have learned to rule in peace and delegated the defence of Camelot to others, maybe Lancelot. We will never know as this mythological tale continues to play out to this day.
The Grail Consciousness teaches us that you and the land are one, but what it is really teaching us is that we all carry a spark of the Godhood within and it is our choice as to what reality we create from this power. It teaches us to be personally responsible for our actions towards our-self and others. To not be a victim of life’s dramas but be a path weaver for others to follow, to lead by example. To not fear leadership of peace and allow our warrior archetype to evolve from being the Definer and Defender fighting to establish our boundary into the Peaceful Warrior of Discernment, choosing who we allow into our Camelot or sacred space.
The Sacred Grail is the Well of Being to drink and heal and find peace within so that it is reflected in the outer world. The Well of Being is your repository of all that you have been and all that you are and the potential of who you are becoming.
Drink from truth and wisdom and heal the wounds of the past. Walk your destiny path leading you to wholeness.
Blessing for a wonderful, magical 2017.

The Spring Goddess

First let me thank all those people who have taken the time to write wizarda comment on my blogs.  It is very heart warming to know that my blogs are read and received in the vein in which I write them. Love to you all.

Spring Goddess

The Spring Goddess epitimises birth, vibrancy, and hope for the future growth of all of our potential.

The spring cycle requires intent – as you sow so you reap.  With each seed of intent it requires courage, motivation and a will to survive as the fertilizer for growth. Spring is the beginning of hopeful intent, of thoughts and desires sent out into the ether with a longing ambition for growth and manifestation to occur.

The Goddesses of spring include Artemis – independence, Persephone – adventure spirit, Aphrodite – esthetic beauty.  All celebrating facets of the feminine nature.

The totem of the Spring Goddess is the butterfly = evolving from the grub cycle into the free spirited expression of colour (personality) and curiosity.

Spring is about the optimistic student of life, ready to open her wings and spring into the experiences life has to offer.  With the suns rays returning after the hibernation of winter, the buds open to embrace its warmth, power and illumiation.  Colour returns to the psyche, in otherwords after our time of self-contemplation we wish to embrace life in our new true colours of self-knowledge.  The grub emerging as the butterfly.

As the I Am white light of truth streams forth into the reality of this physical vibrationary plane the white light of truth is refracted into the multi coloured personality of the human individual we truly are.  The need to exert ourself, our ideas, our quest in life drives us to contemplate that which doesn’t serve or suppport us.  It becomes an awareness of the next layer of illusion that will need to be addressed and released in our Autumn phase.  But for now the Spring invites exploration and acceptance of the responses and reactions to the new developed side of yourself.

Become aware of the colours you are choosing to wear or decorate your world (Aphrodite expressing herself).  Find the meaning of colour and how psychologically it enhances your personality.  For example:

Red = motivation, power, a need to exert yourself, passion, purpose, masculine

Orange = compassion, service to self and others, creativity, zest for life

Yellow = joy, intellect, self knowing, intuitive, self worth, confidence

Green = connection to nature – yours and the world around you, mother nurture, physical love – feeling: smell, touch, taste, hearing and sight

Aquamarine = truth, self judgement, feminine acceptance of all that we are or could be

Blue = self expression, colour of truth and justice, calmness, serenity, expansion (such as the sky is never ending)

Black = self awareness, introspection, confident in self, it can sometimes mean that you do not need the imprint colours of others, or it can be the backdrop that colour is reflected upon to make a statement i.e. black and red together form powerful allies, black and green can highlight your leadership or mothering       ability to nurture and resolve problems.  These are but a few combinations.  I personally wear a lot of black with ofset of another colour to enhance the energy I am consciously working with at that moment in time.  My choice of colour in crystal jewellery also amplify the energy of my personality I wish to call upon

Purple = sovereignty, spiritual colour, transmutation, personally I think it shows a soft, rich attitude towards ones self.

These colours of course are the colours of the rainbow, what else would I use as an example.  There are a multitude of colours available for us to express who we are.  So during this Spring season be colourful, be bold, be sassy but most of all be true to yourself.

Enjoy this time of personal exploration in relation to the world around you but most of all walk in light and love.  Until next time.



Winter Goddess


winter snowflakeThe Winter Goddess


Hello once again fellow Light Travellers,

The Winter Goddess is upon us arriving with her frosty smile.  She is invited at this seasonal change to work with our crystalline pattern of purity.  Her totem animal is the white polar bear = strength in isolation, comfort in aloneness, defender of boundaries of territory.

After the season of autumn and releasing that which no longer serves our higher path of ascension, we need to go within and readjust our pattern to its pristine image.

Winter is a time of introspection, of distancing ourselves from the chaos of life.  To go within and examine ourselves by separating from the reflective consciousness.  It is a time to draw comfort from the decisions we have made to date.  We draw on her power animal Polar Bear for strength to defend our time of isolation and quietness.

The crystal snowflake is her purest image, that which directs the light of being throughout the other patterns of our life force.

If the invisible moisture in the air is symbolic of spirit all around us, then water must be symbolic of emotions that react and respond to spirit touching the subtle body emotional pattern or soul body.  This leaves the snowflake, the physical embodiment of spirit in time and space, in other words our white etheric light that surrounds our human body.

It is only when we have ascended to a level of self-awareness that spirit reveals itself magically or in other words, first we experience spiritual awareness like a cloud, an intellectual concept. As we distance ourselves from imprinted patterning we ascend higher than societal consciousness reaching the vibrational or energetic understanding of whom we are.  The feelings flow into the light streams of our emotional patterning like water or rain, sometimes as turbulent destruction or gentleness of acceptance of the rightness.  If we ascend higher than the imprinted identity of our societal consciousness then the Spirit or I Am presence of the creative power within us begins to shape shift our crystalline pattern to form our snowflake consciousness.  The individual blueprint of the God Essence within.  We are told that each snowflake is uniquely different in its expression of the Source.

So as we release the karmic distortion of our past (autumn) we open ourselves as a vessel/chalice/channel to receive the light (knowledge) of our truest potential to create love.  We become the White healer sending light and love out into the collective consciousness of man thereby creating and becoming portals of light for others to move beyond their pain and into the light of healing.

So we call upon the Winter Goddess to magically touch our snowflake pattern and infuse it with her light of pristine purity. To strengthen our isolation = I (God within) – Sola (power/light) – tion (nation/physicality), to become the pure light workers of service to mankind.

With the absence of natural sunlight during the winter months, we must go within, stoke the embers of the fire (spirit) to feed the flame of warmth within.  We must generate our energy from the spirit body (flame), fuelling our soul bodies to maintain a level of light heartedness.

I wish you warmth during this introspection time and continued success on your path of enlightenment.

The Healing Power of Snake

snake                           The Healing Power of Snakewizard

Hello once again fellow Light Travellers,

It has been a while since I put pen to paper but time has a way of moving on before you know it.  One of my students, Sonja, has moved to Geelong and I promised her I would continue to write my blogs so that she can connect to my vibrational power and feel aligned with class energy. So this one is for you Sonja, hoping that my words continue to expand your consciousness.

I have always worked with snake power as my totem so thought I would share how this magical power aids me in my endeavours to evolve.

The meaning of snake:

Snake medicine people are very rare.  Their initiation involves experiencing and living through multiple snake bites (poison/bitterness of life) which allows them to transmute all poisons, be they mental, physical, spiritual or emotional.  The power of Snake medicine is the power of creation, for it embodies sexuality, psychic energy, alchemy, and ascension (or immortality).

The transmutation of the life-death-rebirth cycle is exemplified by the shedding of Snake’s skin.  It is the energy of wholeness, cosmic consciousness and the ability to experience anything willingly and without resistance.  It is the knowledge that all things are equal in creation, and that those things which might be experienced as poison can be transmuted if one has the proper state of mind.

Snake teaches you on a personal level that you are a universal being and that when Snake energy reaches the spiritual plane, it becomes wisdom, understanding, wholeness and connection to the Great Spirit.  It has come to help with a need within you to transmute some thought, action, or desire so that wholeness may be achieved.

Snake carries heavy magic, but magic is no more than a change in consciousness. Become the magician or the enchantress: transmute the energy and accept the power of the fire.

“I am the eternal and the now, the masculine and the feminine, the healer and the healed, the mother and the father, and the symbol and the spirit of all healing. Never underestimate or fear my power”.

…       You feel at home with esoteric and metaphysical subjects, and are fascinated by ancient           cultures and spiritual practices.

…       You’re a healer, whether the focus of your gifts is on the physical, emotional, mental or           spiritual dimension.

…       You are extremely ‘sense-itive’.  Not only do you perceive other’s auras or energies through the           physical sensations in your body, but you also smell danger and register it in your gut.  Pay           attention to these sensations and trust them, no matter how strange they may seem.

As a healer and spiritual teacher, snake power has given me insights into the human psyche and emotional patterns of my students and clients. It allows my crystalline channel to rise beyond my human-ness, to tap into my diamond consciousness (self-mastery) and receive clear visuals of the healing needed by the individual.

Just as Snake sheds its skin producing a new pattern, so we must shed the karmic imprinted skins (patterns) of the past to enable growth and evolvement into our light of truth.  Not always an easy process as our survival pattern resists change and becomes the blockage stopping the flow of light and truth from being grounded into our human consciousness.

Fear creates the separated ego and the emotional survival pattern of comfort.  When we resist releasing the patterns of self-comfort we stop our evolutionary growth, remaining on the Karmic Wheel or cycle.  Lifetimes of surviving in the same soul survival pattern turns the shapeshifting magician into the chameleon blending in to surrounding environment.  In other words taking our identity from the world around us instead of using our light of creation to create our own reality.

As our chakras (or gateways of the soul body) become clear of fear the Universal Light flows through us connecting us to all that is.  As we refine our self-awareness and work with our I AM identity we become aware that our subtle bodies are merely pattern reflection of frequencies.  The clearer our channel becomes the more frequencies can be tuned into our pattern allowing the shape-shifter to magically change our patterns (or frequencies) to higher vibration of wholeness or oneness.

This brings me back to Snake Power or Kundalini consciousness.  Our primal snake energy is coiled within the base chakra that grounds or connects us to this physical reality/our body/Mother Earth – our Planet.  When we are in our survival pattern Snake energy is used for our human comfort. Sexual energy is used for nurturing the 5 senses of our human-ness – smell, touch, hearing, sight and taste in other words the world of materialism.  This is a lower vibrational frequency of primal (physical) evolution.  As we begin to acknowledge the spiritual component of ourselves the Snake energy of the Healer within begins to uncoil and rise through the chakras shedding the skins or patterns of the past correcting the separated ego onto the path of the Alchemical Marriage i.e. the transmutation of dross (lower frequencies) allowing the crystalline pattern to emerge to channel the golden light of the Humanitarian consciousness.

I am not saying that to be a spiritual person you have to live in lack or self-denial.  Quite the contrary, it is only once we have established the basic of survival comforts will we begin to seek within for our Divine Plan of Purpose.  By shedding and healing our own skin (pattern) will we be able to affect the collective skin (pattern) of mankind.  Each time you adjust your frequency it effects the collective by introducing a new frequency that eventually allows others to join thereby creating the wave of change to the physical perception of reality.  But that is another blog for the future where I share my views on the Holographic Universe.

I feel I have just scratched the surface and portals are opening up for future blogs.  Time again has gotten away from me and I must end.  Until next time, may you walk in love and light.


The Crone Wisdom

croneThe Crone Wisdom  wizard

Many times I have been asked ‘how can a younger person be crone energy?’.

The Crone is the archetypal symbol of wisdom that is attained when a person integrates knowledge and ‘walks their talk’, in other words they express themselves from their own truth.  By walking your talk you become a living example of experience learned hence becoming a Wise One not just a knowledgeable one. Wisdom is gained not from just this present life but from your accumulated records of past lives. A kind of pay it forward to yourself. That is why a young child can be described as an old soul or an ancient one.  We recognise the spirit of wisdom.

Everyone attains knowledge, by reading a book or listening to another or watching a show on television. Knowledge is information, and we store this information in our intellectual memory. When life throws us a curve ball we call upon this stored information to solve the problem thus integrating knowledge into action. As we create successful outcomes from this process then the information becomes our truth and is absorbed into our light of being allowing us to talk in the ‘I’.

The Crone is often depicted living isolated in the forest of nature.  This is a metaphor for the phase of heralding in the Crone wisdom.  As we become wiser and walk in our own truth, we become less inclined to get involved with societal/family drama of duality causing conflict. We think and feel independently from the illusionary karmic patterns of life, seeing and feeling the pathway of truth that is right for our-self. No longer needing the reflective nature of life to find and reconnect to the ‘I AM’, it becomes necessary to detach from other’s drama as it becomes a distraction slowing down your journey home to wholeness.  You become less accessible and mindful of the time you give, appreciative of the time you have left for yourself.  Always remember that those soul’s seeking the wisdom of the Crone will be guided to her door.

The Crone looks to the ever changing cycles of life, hence Crone energy is connected to the Moon.  We focus on evolution and spirituality to find the answers to the life we are living and seek a greater understanding for the choices that were made in our past. The Crone consciousness is one of confidence, serenity, grace and dignity. She carries Grandmother energy that marks her an elder of the tribe/family of society. She is the repository of our self-awareness within our psyche. The storehouse that can be accessed.

There is so much to talk about when defining Crone consciousness and I am sure that in blogs to come she will be mentioned and explained further after all it is her presence within me that guides my words to you.

I hope this short explanation has given you a simple understanding of your own Crone within. Until next time, may you walk in Light and Love.

The eyes are the windows to the soul

eye left The eyes are the windows to the souleye left

Ever heard the expressions, ‘now you are showing your true colours’, usually meant not as a compliment but an exposure to a pretence or lie revealed in a person’s behaviour pattern.

Throughout our lives we develop personas that enable us to survive any given situation presented. Like a chameleon lizard changes its colours to blend into its environment, so too, we as humans learn to adapt by pretending to be someone or something we are not to fit in and belong. If this is how you are living then it is hard to look a person in the eye. When you are expressing your truth you usually look a person in the eye to confer your words or feelings. When we attach to the world from the inside out then we are emotionally engaging, but when we attach to the world from the outside in we are intellectually engaged. How we see the world and approach our environment all depends on past experiences.

As the spirit or ‘I Am’ consciousness struggles to express itself in truth, it comes up against the survivalist consciousness of the human ego. Here within yourself the fight of Angel and Devil rages. The Angel is the archetype image of all that is pure and good while the Devil is the archetype image of our physical attachment and love of all things material in the physical world for our identity and lessons of use of power.  As the Angel represent the spirit’s need to evolve and release attachments once the lesson has been learned so the Devil represents the need to hold on to physical reality and structure that allows him
to survive in comfort and resist exposure to evolving.

I am not saying that to be truly spiritual you must surrender your creature comforts, rather that the comforts we surround ourselves with should be reflective of who we are in truth of our individuality. An exposure to the world of who we are and are not afraid to ‘let people in’. To be confident to stand in the eye of those who would judge us and not care, for these are people taking their identity from their society or peer group around them and have yet to find the courage to express themselves independently.

When you are standing within your truth you see life through the eyes of unconditional love and acceptance.  A knowledge that each man must find and follow his own journey path to self-discovery and if your paths intersect at some moment in time then perhaps you are being called upon to teach by sharing your life experience with them.  It is important to teach (share knowledge) not to preach (dictate or imprint your will upon another). Everyone has the right to choose his own pathway of experience but always remember ‘that when the student is ready the teacher will appear’.

So my fellow life travellers, open your eyes and see life as it can be not as it is and have the courage to go forth and create and live your dreams.  Look your oppressors in the eye and have the confidence to exert your truth after all you are a child of the Universe and you have a right to exist and be heard and seen. Until next time, be safe in the White Light protection of all that is.

March 2015

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A Pocket Full of Rainbows – Blog

wizardHello fellow light travellers,

I have been guided by the Powers that Be to put pen to paper so to speak. To begin I should tell you a little something about myself:

I am a Minister of Spiritualism with the International Council of Spiritualist Inc. for over 20 years, teaching the basic principles of spiritualism, mediumship and refining the psychic or 6th sense of intuition. I teach personal development classes using meditation techniques to enable an individual to begin their healing journey home to wholeness by shifting their perception of how they see themselves. By releasing imprinted emotional patterns of the life they were born into by transmuting the pattern into the life they were born to live. I am a Chiron Practitioner, a healing modality that repairs the subtle body lines and patterns of our being.

I consider myself a student of the Merlinesque vibration, basking in the violet ray of St. Germaine a wonderful ascended Master whose knowledge includes transmutation and magical spiritual alchemy believing that my basic human nature can be transmuted back to the golden light of spirit nature.

This is basically the structure of identity within I exist.

Like all people my journey has been long and winding taking me on many adventures trying to discover my truth, and here I am again at another crossroad of decision. Just how do I begin to share the knowledge that has been imparted to me from my Higher Guidance? Well like so many times in the past, I will just give over to automatic writing and see what happens, so here goes:

What is Spirit, is it the Soul?

So many times I have been asked this question

THE SPIRIT – is the pure creative essence or Godhood to term a phrase most people are familiar with, and as such carries the feminine and masculine principle of energy required to create. It is pure light, love and absolute power.

For the Spirit to exist in this physical plane or third dimension, it requires bodies of consciousness to express itself. First a subtle body of consciousness known as the Soul, that allows spirit to form a personality of expression.

THE SOUL – this subtle body is also known as an aura or coat of many colours. Our aura is a magnetic field of energy that attracts like-minded reflections of our self, be it negative or positive. It is our Karmic body of our separated ego that houses our emotional memories and responses. When life delivers experiences or information we can find no meaning for or intellectually process with our truth, then it is pushed to the back of our mind, stored in our subconscious ‘too hard basket’. This storage facility is the soul body that houses the unresolved problems that form our karmic emotional pattern that determines our responses to life.

As we become more knowledgeable we become more self-aware, finding the confidence to make our own decision and creating our independence and individuality. As the white light of knowledge blends with the soul body, our healing journey begins making our ‘coat of many colours’ lighter. This enables our spirit of truth or ‘I AM’ presence to affect our human consciousness giving direction to our actions and forming an integrity through integration.

THE HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS – gives direction to our physical body’s actions. The physical body houses our 5 senses that connect us to the outer world around us. SMELL, TOUCH, TASTE, HEARING and SIGHT. These senses are imperative to our survival.

If we smell something that is ‘off’ we throw it out, as our left brain has been taught that this is bad for us.

If we touch something that is hot we withdraw our hand, as our left brain has been taught this will burn us.

If we taste something that we do not like we repel (spit it out) it, as our left brain has been taught this will be detrimental to our physical well-being.

If we hear a sound that is dangerous we move away from it changing direction, as our left brain has been taught this will be harmful to our physical well-being.

If we see something that could hurt or endanger us we move away into a new direction, as our left brain has been taught this will be harmful to our physical well-being.

From an early age our human aspect is taught and more importantly learns to listen to his/her sensory direction. This allows the body to survive, becoming the human vehicle that allows the spirit to experience itself physically in an organic natural world. As our physical body is of this world and therefore being organic in nature, it needs to sleep or rest to regenerate and replenish itself.

While we are in a ‘sleep’ state, the Spirit (I AM) being pure energy does not need to rest, so detaches from our physical body in its Soul body form and continues to experience itself in the multi-dimensional planes outside of our third dimension (physicality). We call this DREAMING where the mind of God/Spirit continues to create scenarios to work out the problems of its separated ego.

These dreams we experience are stored in our subconscious Soul body that is relative to our right brain. Sometimes we remember all or parts of our dream sequence, the left brain interpreting the messages depending on our level of development.

The right brain talks in metaphors, colours, songs, analogies – we call this the ESOTERIC language and it relates to our spiritual and emotional connection.

The left brain talks in the language of the culture we were born into and relates to our connecting and surviving physically and practically enabling us to learn and grow.

All bodies of consciousness are interconnected and although each vibrates to a different frequency they make up the whole of our identity. To best explain this multi-dimensional reasoning, let me use a radio as an example. You have the outer case (our physical body), and within this box are different radio stations we have the ability to tune into for information, music to relax or dance or be inspired by. So it is with our mind, our body and our feelings.

You can choose to spend your life looking to the material world to define and identify yourself by, invalidating your mind and feeling ‘stations’ telling you differently. The alternative is to explore these internal musings, find the true YOU and allow the material world to reflect you not the other way around.

I hope this has helped in some way and I wish you all a mystical, magical journey of wonder.

My next blog will be: The eyes are the windows to the soul