Inner Child

Fairytale drama to heal the Inner Child                          

Inner Child


Stories from our childhood evoke subtle responses in our emotional pattern.  We are born with our lessons to learn and heal to evolve.  When drama appears in our life we have a conscious reaction but also a subconscious response.

Stories told around the fire was man’s earliest teaching tool of morals, right and wrong actions of consequences, and to teach of the positive and negative forces that surround the soul on his journey.  Next came the written word of these mythilogical, archetypal characters and leading to today the movie visual representation of the stories of the collective consciousness fight against good and evil.

From childhood we are taught the right choices to be made for our ‘happy ever after’ ending.  On the otherhand we are also taught the negative outcome of illusion and pretense that create the tangled web of deception.

If you have not reached your happy outcome then this indicates that you are still trapped in illusion and need to continue to investigate and realign your actions with perceived truth until such time as you have achieved your goal and have evolved beyond the karma drama returning to wholeness and your light of truth.

Hold the drama pattern in your mind with the intent of the Higher Self indicating the moralistic fairy tale that is applicable to this drama.

Take yourself into your mystical magical forest and follow the path that will lead you to a clearing.  Here you will discover a fallen tree trunk that you sit upon and absorb mother nature’s healing power.  Soon characters from a story, television show, or movie will enter the clearing and begin to act out a particular scene or part of the story line.

One of the characters storms off refusing to play his or her part.  Coming to sit beside you the character explains what the angst is.  It is this attitude that is stopping the story line from reaching its ending. The drama in your life is caused by this emotional archetypal angst.

What action can be taken that will allow the character to return to the part they are needing to play out?  How can it be made more palatable? Thus begins the conscious healing journey.  We all have to play our parts to gain greater understanding but as we become self aware we can make our actions more acceptable or comfortable to live with.  Sometimes we have to go through a particular emotional learning but the choice is yours to do it the hard way or to find ease in this lesson.

The journey is one of mystic and magic and is yours to take as the journeyman.  May you discover many of your aspects of the ‘ínner child’ along the way to love and nurture back to alignment with your source of being.

As always I wish you love and light.



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