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The Spring Goddess

First let me thank all those people who have taken the time to write wizarda comment on my blogs.  It is very heart warming to know that my blogs are read and received in the vein in which I write them. Love to you all.

Spring Goddess

The Spring Goddess epitimises birth, vibrancy, and hope for the future growth of all of our potential.

The spring cycle requires intent – as you sow so you reap.  With each seed of intent it requires courage, motivation and a will to survive as the fertilizer for growth. Spring is the beginning of hopeful intent, of thoughts and desires sent out into the ether with a longing ambition for growth and manifestation to occur.

The Goddesses of spring include Artemis – independence, Persephone – adventure spirit, Aphrodite – esthetic beauty.  All celebrating facets of the feminine nature.

The totem of the Spring Goddess is the butterfly = evolving from the grub cycle into the free spirited expression of colour (personality) and curiosity.

Spring is about the optimistic student of life, ready to open her wings and spring into the experiences life has to offer.  With the suns rays returning after the hibernation of winter, the buds open to embrace its warmth, power and illumiation.  Colour returns to the psyche, in otherwords after our time of self-contemplation we wish to embrace life in our new true colours of self-knowledge.  The grub emerging as the butterfly.

As the I Am white light of truth streams forth into the reality of this physical vibrationary plane the white light of truth is refracted into the multi coloured personality of the human individual we truly are.  The need to exert ourself, our ideas, our quest in life drives us to contemplate that which doesn’t serve or suppport us.  It becomes an awareness of the next layer of illusion that will need to be addressed and released in our Autumn phase.  But for now the Spring invites exploration and acceptance of the responses and reactions to the new developed side of yourself.

Become aware of the colours you are choosing to wear or decorate your world (Aphrodite expressing herself).  Find the meaning of colour and how psychologically it enhances your personality.  For example:

Red = motivation, power, a need to exert yourself, passion, purpose, masculine

Orange = compassion, service to self and others, creativity, zest for life

Yellow = joy, intellect, self knowing, intuitive, self worth, confidence

Green = connection to nature – yours and the world around you, mother nurture, physical love – feeling: smell, touch, taste, hearing and sight

Aquamarine = truth, self judgement, feminine acceptance of all that we are or could be

Blue = self expression, colour of truth and justice, calmness, serenity, expansion (such as the sky is never ending)

Black = self awareness, introspection, confident in self, it can sometimes mean that you do not need the imprint colours of others, or it can be the backdrop that colour is reflected upon to make a statement i.e. black and red together form powerful allies, black and green can highlight your leadership or mothering       ability to nurture and resolve problems.  These are but a few combinations.  I personally wear a lot of black with ofset of another colour to enhance the energy I am consciously working with at that moment in time.  My choice of colour in crystal jewellery also amplify the energy of my personality I wish to call upon

Purple = sovereignty, spiritual colour, transmutation, personally I think it shows a soft, rich attitude towards ones self.

These colours of course are the colours of the rainbow, what else would I use as an example.  There are a multitude of colours available for us to express who we are.  So during this Spring season be colourful, be bold, be sassy but most of all be true to yourself.

Enjoy this time of personal exploration in relation to the world around you but most of all walk in light and love.  Until next time.