Winter Goddess


winter snowflakeThe Winter Goddess


Hello once again fellow Light Travellers,

The Winter Goddess is upon us arriving with her frosty smile.  She is invited at this seasonal change to work with our crystalline pattern of purity.  Her totem animal is the white polar bear = strength in isolation, comfort in aloneness, defender of boundaries of territory.

After the season of autumn and releasing that which no longer serves our higher path of ascension, we need to go within and readjust our pattern to its pristine image.

Winter is a time of introspection, of distancing ourselves from the chaos of life.  To go within and examine ourselves by separating from the reflective consciousness.  It is a time to draw comfort from the decisions we have made to date.  We draw on her power animal Polar Bear for strength to defend our time of isolation and quietness.

The crystal snowflake is her purest image, that which directs the light of being throughout the other patterns of our life force.

If the invisible moisture in the air is symbolic of spirit all around us, then water must be symbolic of emotions that react and respond to spirit touching the subtle body emotional pattern or soul body.  This leaves the snowflake, the physical embodiment of spirit in time and space, in other words our white etheric light that surrounds our human body.

It is only when we have ascended to a level of self-awareness that spirit reveals itself magically or in other words, first we experience spiritual awareness like a cloud, an intellectual concept. As we distance ourselves from imprinted patterning we ascend higher than societal consciousness reaching the vibrational or energetic understanding of whom we are.  The feelings flow into the light streams of our emotional patterning like water or rain, sometimes as turbulent destruction or gentleness of acceptance of the rightness.  If we ascend higher than the imprinted identity of our societal consciousness then the Spirit or I Am presence of the creative power within us begins to shape shift our crystalline pattern to form our snowflake consciousness.  The individual blueprint of the God Essence within.  We are told that each snowflake is uniquely different in its expression of the Source.

So as we release the karmic distortion of our past (autumn) we open ourselves as a vessel/chalice/channel to receive the light (knowledge) of our truest potential to create love.  We become the White healer sending light and love out into the collective consciousness of man thereby creating and becoming portals of light for others to move beyond their pain and into the light of healing.

So we call upon the Winter Goddess to magically touch our snowflake pattern and infuse it with her light of pristine purity. To strengthen our isolation = I (God within) – Sola (power/light) – tion (nation/physicality), to become the pure light workers of service to mankind.

With the absence of natural sunlight during the winter months, we must go within, stoke the embers of the fire (spirit) to feed the flame of warmth within.  We must generate our energy from the spirit body (flame), fuelling our soul bodies to maintain a level of light heartedness.

I wish you warmth during this introspection time and continued success on your path of enlightenment.