The Crone Wisdom

croneThe Crone Wisdom  wizard

Many times I have been asked ‘how can a younger person be crone energy?’.

The Crone is the archetypal symbol of wisdom that is attained when a person integrates knowledge and ‘walks their talk’, in other words they express themselves from their own truth.  By walking your talk you become a living example of experience learned hence becoming a Wise One not just a knowledgeable one. Wisdom is gained not from just this present life but from your accumulated records of past lives. A kind of pay it forward to yourself. That is why a young child can be described as an old soul or an ancient one.  We recognise the spirit of wisdom.

Everyone attains knowledge, by reading a book or listening to another or watching a show on television. Knowledge is information, and we store this information in our intellectual memory. When life throws us a curve ball we call upon this stored information to solve the problem thus integrating knowledge into action. As we create successful outcomes from this process then the information becomes our truth and is absorbed into our light of being allowing us to talk in the ‘I’.

The Crone is often depicted living isolated in the forest of nature.  This is a metaphor for the phase of heralding in the Crone wisdom.  As we become wiser and walk in our own truth, we become less inclined to get involved with societal/family drama of duality causing conflict. We think and feel independently from the illusionary karmic patterns of life, seeing and feeling the pathway of truth that is right for our-self. No longer needing the reflective nature of life to find and reconnect to the ‘I AM’, it becomes necessary to detach from other’s drama as it becomes a distraction slowing down your journey home to wholeness.  You become less accessible and mindful of the time you give, appreciative of the time you have left for yourself.  Always remember that those soul’s seeking the wisdom of the Crone will be guided to her door.

The Crone looks to the ever changing cycles of life, hence Crone energy is connected to the Moon.  We focus on evolution and spirituality to find the answers to the life we are living and seek a greater understanding for the choices that were made in our past. The Crone consciousness is one of confidence, serenity, grace and dignity. She carries Grandmother energy that marks her an elder of the tribe/family of society. She is the repository of our self-awareness within our psyche. The storehouse that can be accessed.

There is so much to talk about when defining Crone consciousness and I am sure that in blogs to come she will be mentioned and explained further after all it is her presence within me that guides my words to you.

I hope this short explanation has given you a simple understanding of your own Crone within. Until next time, may you walk in Light and Love.