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The eyes are the windows to the soul

eye left The eyes are the windows to the souleye left

Ever heard the expressions, ‘now you are showing your true colours’, usually meant not as a compliment but an exposure to a pretence or lie revealed in a person’s behaviour pattern.

Throughout our lives we develop personas that enable us to survive any given situation presented. Like a chameleon lizard changes its colours to blend into its environment, so too, we as humans learn to adapt by pretending to be someone or something we are not to fit in and belong. If this is how you are living then it is hard to look a person in the eye. When you are expressing your truth you usually look a person in the eye to confer your words or feelings. When we attach to the world from the inside out then we are emotionally engaging, but when we attach to the world from the outside in we are intellectually engaged. How we see the world and approach our environment all depends on past experiences.

As the spirit or ‘I Am’ consciousness struggles to express itself in truth, it comes up against the survivalist consciousness of the human ego. Here within yourself the fight of Angel and Devil rages. The Angel is the archetype image of all that is pure and good while the Devil is the archetype image of our physical attachment and love of all things material in the physical world for our identity and lessons of use of power.  As the Angel represent the spirit’s need to evolve and release attachments once the lesson has been learned so the Devil represents the need to hold on to physical reality and structure that allows him
to survive in comfort and resist exposure to evolving.

I am not saying that to be truly spiritual you must surrender your creature comforts, rather that the comforts we surround ourselves with should be reflective of who we are in truth of our individuality. An exposure to the world of who we are and are not afraid to ‘let people in’. To be confident to stand in the eye of those who would judge us and not care, for these are people taking their identity from their society or peer group around them and have yet to find the courage to express themselves independently.

When you are standing within your truth you see life through the eyes of unconditional love and acceptance.  A knowledge that each man must find and follow his own journey path to self-discovery and if your paths intersect at some moment in time then perhaps you are being called upon to teach by sharing your life experience with them.  It is important to teach (share knowledge) not to preach (dictate or imprint your will upon another). Everyone has the right to choose his own pathway of experience but always remember ‘that when the student is ready the teacher will appear’.

So my fellow life travellers, open your eyes and see life as it can be not as it is and have the courage to go forth and create and live your dreams.  Look your oppressors in the eye and have the confidence to exert your truth after all you are a child of the Universe and you have a right to exist and be heard and seen. Until next time, be safe in the White Light protection of all that is.

March 2015

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