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A Pocket Full of Rainbows – Blog

wizardHello fellow light travellers,

I have been guided by the Powers that Be to put pen to paper so to speak. To begin I should tell you a little something about myself:

I am a Minister of Spiritualism with the International Council of Spiritualist Inc. for over 20 years, teaching the basic principles of spiritualism, mediumship and refining the psychic or 6th sense of intuition. I teach personal development classes using meditation techniques to enable an individual to begin their healing journey home to wholeness by shifting their perception of how they see themselves. By releasing imprinted emotional patterns of the life they were born into by transmuting the pattern into the life they were born to live. I am a Chiron Practitioner, a healing modality that repairs the subtle body lines and patterns of our being.

I consider myself a student of the Merlinesque vibration, basking in the violet ray of St. Germaine a wonderful ascended Master whose knowledge includes transmutation and magical spiritual alchemy believing that my basic human nature can be transmuted back to the golden light of spirit nature.

This is basically the structure of identity within I exist.

Like all people my journey has been long and winding taking me on many adventures trying to discover my truth, and here I am again at another crossroad of decision. Just how do I begin to share the knowledge that has been imparted to me from my Higher Guidance? Well like so many times in the past, I will just give over to automatic writing and see what happens, so here goes:

What is Spirit, is it the Soul?

So many times I have been asked this question

THE SPIRIT – is the pure creative essence or Godhood to term a phrase most people are familiar with, and as such carries the feminine and masculine principle of energy required to create. It is pure light, love and absolute power.

For the Spirit to exist in this physical plane or third dimension, it requires bodies of consciousness to express itself. First a subtle body of consciousness known as the Soul, that allows spirit to form a personality of expression.

THE SOUL – this subtle body is also known as an aura or coat of many colours. Our aura is a magnetic field of energy that attracts like-minded reflections of our self, be it negative or positive. It is our Karmic body of our separated ego that houses our emotional memories and responses. When life delivers experiences or information we can find no meaning for or intellectually process with our truth, then it is pushed to the back of our mind, stored in our subconscious ‘too hard basket’. This storage facility is the soul body that houses the unresolved problems that form our karmic emotional pattern that determines our responses to life.

As we become more knowledgeable we become more self-aware, finding the confidence to make our own decision and creating our independence and individuality. As the white light of knowledge blends with the soul body, our healing journey begins making our ‘coat of many colours’ lighter. This enables our spirit of truth or ‘I AM’ presence to affect our human consciousness giving direction to our actions and forming an integrity through integration.

THE HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS – gives direction to our physical body’s actions. The physical body houses our 5 senses that connect us to the outer world around us. SMELL, TOUCH, TASTE, HEARING and SIGHT. These senses are imperative to our survival.

If we smell something that is ‘off’ we throw it out, as our left brain has been taught that this is bad for us.

If we touch something that is hot we withdraw our hand, as our left brain has been taught this will burn us.

If we taste something that we do not like we repel (spit it out) it, as our left brain has been taught this will be detrimental to our physical well-being.

If we hear a sound that is dangerous we move away from it changing direction, as our left brain has been taught this will be harmful to our physical well-being.

If we see something that could hurt or endanger us we move away into a new direction, as our left brain has been taught this will be harmful to our physical well-being.

From an early age our human aspect is taught and more importantly learns to listen to his/her sensory direction. This allows the body to survive, becoming the human vehicle that allows the spirit to experience itself physically in an organic natural world. As our physical body is of this world and therefore being organic in nature, it needs to sleep or rest to regenerate and replenish itself.

While we are in a ‘sleep’ state, the Spirit (I AM) being pure energy does not need to rest, so detaches from our physical body in its Soul body form and continues to experience itself in the multi-dimensional planes outside of our third dimension (physicality). We call this DREAMING where the mind of God/Spirit continues to create scenarios to work out the problems of its separated ego.

These dreams we experience are stored in our subconscious Soul body that is relative to our right brain. Sometimes we remember all or parts of our dream sequence, the left brain interpreting the messages depending on our level of development.

The right brain talks in metaphors, colours, songs, analogies – we call this the ESOTERIC language and it relates to our spiritual and emotional connection.

The left brain talks in the language of the culture we were born into and relates to our connecting and surviving physically and practically enabling us to learn and grow.

All bodies of consciousness are interconnected and although each vibrates to a different frequency they make up the whole of our identity. To best explain this multi-dimensional reasoning, let me use a radio as an example. You have the outer case (our physical body), and within this box are different radio stations we have the ability to tune into for information, music to relax or dance or be inspired by. So it is with our mind, our body and our feelings.

You can choose to spend your life looking to the material world to define and identify yourself by, invalidating your mind and feeling ‘stations’ telling you differently. The alternative is to explore these internal musings, find the true YOU and allow the material world to reflect you not the other way around.

I hope this has helped in some way and I wish you all a mystical, magical journey of wonder.

My next blog will be: The eyes are the windows to the soul