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My spiritual journey has been a lifelong adventure starting at Sunday school to now teaching meditation and personal development classes.

After my marriage breakup at age 30 I once again looked for higher guidance for direction in life. I started giving tarot and clairvoyant readings in my home that lead me to holding spiritual development classes while working in my day job. With 2 teenage sons needing their own space it became apparent after a time that I needed to take my spiritual journey to another level. I went to Upwey where I opened a spiritual shop.

During this time I was given a visual of ‘a little house on the prairie’ type school house, that was confirming that my future lay on the path of teaching….or so I thought. After 5 years in Upwey, the Lysterfield Primary School original building was presented to me. The building was over 100 years old and for 10 years I continued to teach development classes, give psychic readings, individual spiritual guidance counseling, ran workshops and healing and psychic reading days.

I have now returned to working at home as my sons are grown men with life paths of their own to journey down. I feel I have come full circle.

At age 40 I became a Spiritualist Minister with the International Council of Spiritualist Inc. For me the spiritual path has been filled with magical moments and has been an adventure on many levels. Being a Spiritualist Minister and medium has allowed me to access the multi-dimensional consciousness, weaving the rainbow colours of love, light and compassion.

I have crossed paths with many people throughout the years, some students, some seeking spiritual or chironic healing, others seeking guidance for their life journey and I feel very proud to be serving the powers of Light and Love and look forward to many years ahead to fulfil my dreams.

Join me on the journey of self discovery and development.

Yours in Light
Reverend Margaret Moore